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Have you thought of safe laundry options?

But Amway scientist will never stop figuring out better, safer ways to do this. SA8™ laundry products are biodegradable and the phosphate-free formula works as good as or better than traditional products.

Scientist at Amway and many leading laundry product formulators believe that “greener laundry care, products that are environmentally friendly, should not be a process with a beginning and an end.

For example, the machines made these days use a fraction of the water volume that previously required by these machines only a decade ago. That’s good for reducing water consumption. But formulating products for these machines requires what Sliva calls a “higher concentration of chemistry.” The mandate is to keep designing products that work as well or better in the newer machines while still conforming to high environmental standards – and often the results are new formulations that work even better.

One more example is the higher spin speeds of newer machines. High spin speeds help the machines extract more water for faster drying, but they also set more wrinkles into the fabric. Formulating products to improve these machines’ wrinkle performance without compromising environmental sensitivity could lead to discoveries that help improve environmental performance overall.

SA8™ Laundry Products

Today, all of Amway’s laundry detergents and fabric softeners are readily biodegradable so they break down into simple elements found in nature. Most AMWAY HOME™ and LEGACY OF CLEAN™ SA8™ laundry products – as well as the brand’s surface and dish care products – contain active ingredients derived from natural sources such as coconuts, citrus and minerals, yet they deliver high-performance cleaning. They are concentrated, so they require less packaging per use, and are dermatologist tested to ensure they leave no irritating residue, so they are safer for people when used as directed. Amway home care products are backed by more than 50 years of scientific research and innovation.

Amway also works in partnership with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Design for the Environment program. Although not an endorsement, the DfE seal helps consumers choose safer products that do not sacrifice quality or performance. The EPA is known and respected globally for its focus on human and environmental safety. More than 40 current Amway home care formulations have earned the Design for the Environment designation.

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